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The Wholesale Company T-shirt Experts!

WholesaleTshirtClub.com was created to solve a problem in today’s custom apparel marketplace.

The problem is that the industry is getting too damn complicated. There are 200+ types of t-shirts, colors, and styles, etc. Along with setup fees, art charges, rush fees, bait and switch tactics … all while you’re just trying to buy some t-shirts and get back to work.

To combat all of this noise, we created WholesaleTshirtClub.com. A simple place for serious companies to order their work t-shirts. We show our prices openly, honor price quotes, and most importantly refuse to waste your time.

We understand the printing business so you don’t have to. Just check our prices and if you like them, send over your logo and information and we’ll do the rest.
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or, let us do all of the work for you…

Our business was established to help small to mid-sized companies buy custom work gear without overpaying and wasting time.  Above, you can see our actual prices and compare them to what you’re paying now.  We also offer the option of just having us deal with everything so you can get back to work. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll handle the rest.  Very simple!

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